yohimbe bark extract

well, this looks interesting. (laughter.) what's happening here? we are not baking or cooking today. we are making a wonderful cream,

yohimbe bark extract, a hand cream, but also a cream that should belong in everybody's first aid kit for helping with bruises and,
you know, all kinds of things. not for open wounds, but for, they are very good for bruises and inflammations, and for rough hands, you know, where people. okay. yeah, things like that, okay. yeah. so, this here, we did yesterday, i took two cups of jojoba oil. yeah. which is anti-inflammatory,
is good for eczema, psoriasis, you know, things like that, and is used quite a bit in the cosmetics industry, jojoba oil. mm hm. so i took two cups and i put in a handful of calendula, which is anti-inflammatory, a little bit antiviral. it's a wonderful herb. also... are they flowers?
they are flowers, yes. okay. it's a marigold type. not in, doesn't belong to the family of the marigolds, but it looks like it. okay…

watermelon viagra

in today's video we will learn how to make watermelon lemonade. ingredients required are: 1 kg watermelon. 3-4 lemons. 4-5 tablespoons sugar. to start with, first cut the watermelon in small pieces.

watermelon viagra, to cut the watermelon properly first cut it into slices of 1 to 1.5 inches thickness. take out only the pink flesh of watermelon and not the white part of the rind. now cut the pink part into small wedges. now take out the juice of lemons and keep it ready to use.
be careful to remove all the seeds of the lemon or it will bitter the taste of our lemonade. now combine all the ingredients in the blender jar and blend it into fine paste. now strain the mixture through a sieve. this is an important step to follow or the texture of the lemonade will that be of a smoothie. discard what is left in the sieve. you may now add water to adjust the taste of the lemonade. watermelon lemonade is ready to be served. garnish the glass with watermelon or lemon wedges. you may also pu…

treatment for erectile dysfunction

[ music ] >> the jama network. [ silence ] >> like others who have struggled with drugaddiction, michael mccrorkin [phonetic] was no stranger to hospital emergency departments.

treatment for erectile dysfunction, >> i was literally just enslaved to my addition,and it was awful. >> these patients often seek care in the emergencydepartment. and often are just turned away, and not directed to treatment. >> doctors gail d'onofrio and david felinefrom the yale school of medicine, and co-authors,

enrolled 329 patients with opioid dependencefrom the emergency department at yale new haven hospital. one group received a referralto drug treatment. the second group underwent a brief intervention, and referral to treatment.the third group was started on buprenorphine, a medication that helps ease withdrawal symptomsand drug cravings. this group also followed up in primary care for maintenance therapy. >> once they came to the primary care center,we organ…

treatment for ed

penile injection is one option for erectiledysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer. penile injections are for patients who sufferfrom erectile dysfunction. for the most part, we start treatment for erectile dysfunctionwith medicine such as viagra, cialis, and levitra, but often times these medicationswon't work. if they don't work, a man has

treatment for ed, different options. one of those options ispenile injection. there is a medicine that we inject that causes a vaso-dilation andforces blood into the penis, causing an erection. the benefit of this is that it only workswhen it is used, and there is the sense of tumescence, the sense of rigidity, the senseof feeling the penis fill with blood, which
is part of the sensation of arousal that makesit more natural than some of the other treatments for erectile dysfunction. the downside, ofcourse, is you have to use a small needle, and it is a small needle. the cost is usuallycheaper than the medication, the pills that…

testosterone supplements side effects

(intro music) what's up guys this is tyler d from muscle researchand today i am bringin you some more products we got premium powders, this is oneof premium powders' extreme products test infusion now lets talk about this bad boy this thing has a multi-level formula, lets go over it

testosterone supplements side effects, its got a hormonal support complex which contains d-aspartic acid and tribulous what these are going to do is they are going to help you harness thefree testosterone in your body that your not utilizing it has a liver support complex, that will be nac and milk thistle and those are very popular liver support ingredients
it has cardiovascular support complex with hawthorn berry, celery seed, and grape seed extract last but not least it has a prostate support complex which is really cool because i do not see that in a lot of test boosting products what are the effects? lets go over em' one you're gonna be on the prowl i'mtalking on the prowl ladies w…

symptoms of ed

if you're looking for some easy sex positions but still wanna make her orgasm and give her some amazing sexual experiences then you'll wanna watch this entire video right now some people think that just

symptoms of ed, because a specific sex position is easy it's not effective or capable of leading to massive pleasure for the both of you this simply isn't true
you're about to learn two very easy sex positions and also some very simple tricks and tips to make them a lot more stimulating easy sex position number one the classic missionary now don't skip off to the next one here because you're about to learn how to make it fun many women love this one due to the intimacy and the connection that it allows for
you can stare deeply into each other's eyes talk romantically to one another and it really is a great way to get some feedback because you can't avoid her expressions or the moans that she makes and this position is also great for clitoral stimulat…

prosthetic penis

jinx here for complex news. it's friday, sowe bout to talk about freaky shit. a british woman is on trial for allegedlyusing facebook, blindfolds, and a prosthetic penis to trick her female best friend intobelieving that she was a man, in order to have sex with her. multiple times. back in 2011, 25-year-old gayle newland allegedlytook to facebook and posed as a man named

prosthetic penis, kye fortune. newland, using the faux-profile,soon began an online relationship with a woman who eventually became a close friend of hers.newland, posing as kye, described herself as a half-filipino, half-latino male who'dbeen in a car accident and was later diagnosed with a brain tumor.
thing began to heat up between the two onlineand eventually evolved beyond facebook. the two began a phone and online relationshiplasting two years. at this point they were a "couple." the plaintiff described fortune's—thatis, newland's—voice as high pitched and that newland manipulated h…