yohimbe bark extract

well, this looks interesting. (laughter.) what's happening here? we are not baking or cooking today. we are making a wonderful cream,

yohimbe bark extract

yohimbe bark extract, a hand cream, but also a cream that should belong in everybody's first aid kit for helping with bruises and,

you know, all kinds of things. not for open wounds, but for, they are very good for bruises and inflammations, and for rough hands, you know, where people. okay. yeah, things like that, okay. yeah. so, this here, we did yesterday, i took two cups of jojoba oil. yeah. which is anti-inflammatory,

is good for eczema, psoriasis, you know, things like that, and is used quite a bit in the cosmetics industry, jojoba oil. mm hm. so i took two cups and i put in a handful of calendula, which is anti-inflammatory, a little bit antiviral. it's a wonderful herb. also... are they flowers?

they are flowers, yes. okay. it's a marigold type. not in, doesn't belong to the family of the marigolds, but it looks like it. okay. and then we have st. john's wort, which is also a soothing herb. mm hm. and which also helps with bruises, things like that. and a piece of root, about that big, from the comphrey plant.

okay. and the comphrey plant is called bone-knit. also it helps with bone injuries, and also with other, you know, it's a very very good... also helps if you use it internally, also called gum plant. yeah. it helps with gums, you know, infected gums, when you use it as

a gargle. yeah. but, you know, i don't want to go that far. so this here was heated up yesterday. yeah. the herbs went in, and they were infused from yesterday afternoon to today. okay. and we will put them through a cheese cloth into our food processor. now, i try to use, i try to use pyrex

wherever i can, or just porcelain, but in this case, i use the food processor because there is stainless steel blades. that doesn't really have such an interaction with it. okay. and it's just much simpler. okay. it's much simpler, right. and so, we'll put this in here, and we'll press it out. look at this,

how wonderful. so that's your infused oil then? that's the infused oil, now. okay. if you didn't have that, you could possibly also use the tinctures. yeah. and we'll talk about that a little bit, you know, in a while here. so, i'm trying to put this in here, this in here, and take the last infused oil

and put it in here, okay. waste not, want not. no we don't waste anything of that. it's very very highly highly precious ingredients, right. okay, this can go down here. now, what i did this morning, i took about, see that's how i keep my beeswax from the.... oh okay.

and i make it myself in little forms so i have it ready in small little medallions, like look here. oh okay, yeah. i have a whole bunch of them because i use it for different stuff. so i have about three medallions of these. and some anhydrous lanolin, which you can get at any pharmacy.

they sell it to you. and it comes from the wool of the sheep, and it's very sticky and picky. and that's exactly the same as also the beeswax is. and the properties of this are, they are not only healing and have a very soothing effect on your, on your skin,

they also make a sticky cream. not like one of those light creams, a very heavy cream that actually sticks to your skin. so when you put your, your cream on in the evening, and you put some gloves on, maybe you have really really rough skin, then the cream will stick,

and the healing ingredients will have a chance to get into your skin, right. okay, what's next here? here we have cold pressed pumpkin seed oil. yes. i got it from austria. mm hm. it goes in here. that's a famous austrian... famous austrian oil, cold pressed,

kurbiskernol it's called, but it's pumpkin seed oil. yeah. it is available here. i've seen it. and see how green it is? yeah, you can get it in some delis here. delis. and if not.... specialty european shops. if not, you can order it straight from the pumpkin press, you know,

from the farms in austria. they sell it. mm hm. okay. so, now, we have our oils in here. now we add our, our, more healing ingredients, okay. yeah. so one of them is arnica. okay. which is a wound healer, and this is arnica tincture, okay. yeah. now tinctures,

sometimes you buy some tinctures and you think they don't keep. put, let me just put this on here, and add it while running. add a little bit of this. add a little bit of arnica. add some propolis. everybody knows the benefits of the bee products. propolis is also a tincture.

so here i'll just pour it in. okay. and the next thing that goes in is a little bit of zinc oxide, which really helps with healing and soothing down your inflammations. just a pinch? yeah, just a pinch of zinc oxide.

a little bit of aloe vera juice. you see here? yeah. aloe vera juice, okay. mm hm. a couple of vitamin e oil, just a regular vitamin e oil, that you take as a supplement. okay. two of those? yeah, two. you can put three too. this is just what i do, okay. yeah.

i know your guests seem to love this cream. yeah, everybody, everybody takes this cream home. so, and at the end.... you have to work very clean with this, very very clean. yeah. and at the end, you put a little bit of lebanese rose water, or persian rose water.

make sure it's a good rose water. mm hm. mm hm. so here is our cream, and this cream will solidify to a certain point, right. right. because it, the beeswax will go solid, and so will the lanolin right. yeah. will all go solid. do you have lanolin in that already? yeah, lanolin is in there.

i melted it with the beeswax, right. oh, with the beeswax, okay. yeah. so now what we will do.... let me just get a little ladle, okay? okay. and we use a tiny little ladle, and we fill it in here. wonderful cream. it's a healing cream. wonderful, wonderful. see? and then, we just close it, okay.

and i use all my old jars that i can find, but i also go and buy some. i just ordered some beautiful dark blue jars, cobalt blue with silver tops, but they are not here yet, so i'll put them into these. so, that becomes solid? yep. and you put it on your hands just as a conditioning cream then?

to get rid of cracks and things? it'sa wonderful cream for cracks, for psoriasis, eczema. yeah. but it's also wonderful for when you have bruises. yeah, okay. right, to make the bruises go away faster. oh okay. okay? yeah. thanks. thank you. so how did that solidify? oh nice. absolutely fantastic. yeah. look. yeah. yeah. look. and it's a wonderful cream.

yeah. i mean, it is so amazing. i really need it for my hands, right. yeah. closed captioning by kris brandhagen. brandhagen@gmail.com


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