treatment for ed

penile injection is one option for erectiledysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer. penile injections are for patients who sufferfrom erectile dysfunction. for the most part, we start treatment for erectile dysfunctionwith medicine such as viagra, cialis, and levitra, but often times these medicationswon't work. if they don't work, a man has

treatment for ed

treatment for ed, different options. one of those options ispenile injection. there is a medicine that we inject that causes a vaso-dilation andforces blood into the penis, causing an erection. the benefit of this is that it only workswhen it is used, and there is the sense of tumescence, the sense of rigidity, the senseof feeling the penis fill with blood, which

is part of the sensation of arousal that makesit more natural than some of the other treatments for erectile dysfunction. the downside, ofcourse, is you have to use a small needle, and it is a small needle. the cost is usuallycheaper than the medication, the pills that you would use for erectile dysfunction. some prostate cancers are high risk, aggressive,and more likely to spread. others are low risk, least likely to havebad outcomes. the biopsy says cancer, but current diagnostic tools provide limitedinformation about how aggressive a manĂ¢€™s individual disease is, so most mendecide to treat prostate cancer immediately. once treated, many men experienceserious long-term side effects

like incontinence and sexual impotence. immediatetreatment is not always needed, but right now a man canĂ¢€™t be sureif his cancer is the kind that is likely to require treatment or if he is okay to waitfor now. what if there was a test that could determine how aggressive prostatecancer is. genomic health is developing a new test to do just that. byreviewing the underlying biology of the tumor and using genes from multiple biologicpathways, the test can predict the aggressiveness of prostate cancer when diagnosed,allowing a man to make a more informed treatment decision with confidence,taking care of himself with more information and greater peace of mind.


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