impotent cause

welcome to moomoomath, and types of decomposers. in this video i would like to look at severaltypes of decomposers. a decomposer is an organism that breaks downdead or decaying organisms. decomposers help recycycle matter in an ecosystemby breaking down dead or decaying organisms. take a look at this decaying banana.

impotent cause

impotent cause, decomposers are heterotrophs which mean theyuse other organisms to get their energy,carbon, and other nutrients for growth and development. we will focus on four main types of decomposers. fungiinsects

wormsbacteria fungi break down and recycle organic materialby predigesting. fungi produce enzymes that break down anddigest decaying and dead matter and then absorb this material. this process depends on water so most fungiare found in moist areas. check out these fungi. worms are also decomposers. they play an important role in producing oursoil. earthworms help decompose organic material,and help make nutrients like phospate more

readily available. bacteria are tiny organisms, and they arethe king of decomposition. bacteria are found almost everywhere on earth. they help release important nutrients thatliving organisms have absorbed. they then release these important nutrientslike nitrogen and carbon back into an ecosystem. several insects like flies and dung beatles,maggots, and ants, help break down once living organisms. check out this dung beatle. they are several major groups of decomposinginsects.

those insect that feed on dead or decayingplant tissues. those that feed on dead animals. those animals like the dung beatle that feedon excretement of other animals. take a look at these decomposing insects. thanks for watching types of decomposers.


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