symptoms of ed

if you're looking for some easy sex positions but still wanna make her orgasm and give her some amazing sexual experiences then you'll wanna watch this entire video right now some people think that just

symptoms of ed

symptoms of ed, because a specific sex position is easy it's not effective or capable of leading to massive pleasure for the both of you this simply isn't true

you're about to learn two very easy sex positions and also some very simple tricks and tips to make them a lot more stimulating easy sex position number one the classic missionary now don't skip off to the next one here because you're about to learn how to make it fun many women love this one due to the intimacy and the connection that it allows for

you can stare deeply into each other's eyes talk romantically to one another and it really is a great way to get some feedback because you can't avoid her expressions or the moans that she makes and this position is also great for clitoral stimulation which leads to one of the easiest orgasms you can give her now if you wanna make sure that you stimulate her clit even more

move your body higher up than hers so that her nose is right around the height of your neck now that rule could vary widely depending on your physical proportions but the idea is that your penis as rubbing up and down on her clitoris now since this is such an intimate position you generally don't wanna start giving it to her really hard this is a love making position, so use it as one keep that in mind and use this position to give her clitoral orgasm

while you build your sexual trust and intimacy with her easy sex position number two the high rider you can very easily transition from the classic missionary into the high rider by first moving one of her legs further away from the other and then bend your right leg up and kneel down above her then just lift her upper body a bit while you lean over her this is a great way to keep the intimacy for missionary

while starting to show more male dominance in the bedroom something that turns women on like crazy and lets them feel free to orgasm now you won't be able to go in as deep as in some other positions but once again the purpose of this one is to keep building the intimacy while beginning to show strong male authority so you can begin to move into

more dominating style positions also take advantage of your positioning here by playing with her boobs and lightly stroking her face and cheek now a great way to demonstrate male authority in this position is to gently place your hand around her neck do it very lightly so that she could easily move her neck around if she wanted to this one technique alone will develop massive attraction and sexual trust both at the same time

women love being taken by a strong dominant man and when you put your hand around her like this it gives her that feeling that you're in control and that she can just let loose and enjoy and by making your grip loose enough that she could still move around and easily get out if she chose to you're letting her know that you wouldn't hurt her and that she can trust you once she feels this trust with you

now she'll be willing to try some crazy stuff with you that she would never do with another guy now these are just a couple of easy sex positions that are a great way to start off and not be just another average guy in bed take a minute and check out the link in the description this may be exactly what you're looking for


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