treatment for erectile dysfunction

[ music ] >> the jama network. [ silence ] >> like others who have struggled with drugaddiction, michael mccrorkin [phonetic] was no stranger to hospital emergency departments.

treatment for erectile dysfunction
treatment for erectile dysfunction, >> i was literally just enslaved to my addition,and it was awful. >> these patients often seek care in the emergencydepartment. and often are just turned away, and not directed to treatment. >> doctors gail d'onofrio and david felinefrom the yale school of medicine, and co-authors,

enrolled 329 patients with opioid dependencefrom the emergency department at yale new haven hospital. one group received a referralto drug treatment. the second group underwent a brief intervention, and referral to treatment.the third group was started on buprenorphine, a medication that helps ease withdrawal symptomsand drug cravings. this group also followed up in primary care for maintenance therapy. >> once they came to the primary care center,we organized their treatment, and provided them that treatment for at least a 10 weekperiod of time. >> those patients that were randomized tothe buprenorphine group, almost 80% of them were in treatment at 30 days.

>> and this is twice the number who will beengaged in treatment if they simply receive a referral to treatment. >> this study appears in jama -- "journalof the american medical association". >> we also found that those patients thatwere assigned to the buprenorphine group used less elicit opiates. >> michael says, one of the biggest concernshe and others faced was waiting to get into treatment. >> if you go to the emergency room, they'lltreat you immediately versus waiting, than it's an asset.

>> michael has been in recovery for six years,and is now studying business management. >> i've never seen such a bright future. andi never knew that i had it in me. >> catherine dolph [phonetic], the jama report. But now the problem of erectile dysfunction can be overcome using hajar jahanam cair  which I get by my friend recommendation.


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