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there is currently no cure for peyronie'sdisease but there are number of treatment options. the most popular non-surgical peyronie'streatments today include oral medication, injections, and traction is important to remember that what works well for one peyronie's patients may not workfor another. and that no treatment for peyronie's can guarantee full recovery, or significantimprovements.

penis vacuum pump

penis vacuum pump, there are many oral peyronie's treatmentsavailable, ranging from supplements to over-the-counter as well as prescribed medicines. oral treatmentis a non-invasive and convenient option, but taking any drugs includes some risk of sideeffects. the most popular oral treatments today, inalphabetical order, are: carnitine, colchicine,

l-arginine, pentoxifylline, potaba, tamoxifenand vitamin e. studies have shown that some work better thanother do, and some may not work at all. injecting medication is more invasive andriskier than taking oral medication, but less risky and invasive than undergoing penis surgery.peyronie's injections deliver the medication directly to the plaque and should be givenby trained health professionals only. the most popular injection therapies today,in alphabetical order, are: corticosteroids, interferon alpha, verapamil and xiaflex.traction therapy, or stretching, is an increasingly popular peyronie's treatment. it includeseither the use of penis traction device or vacuum pump.traction therapy applies gentle but consistent

traction force to stretch the penis tissue.this triggers the body's natural response of growing more tissue to ease the tension.this can reduce the penile curvature and lengthen the penis.numbers of studies have confirmed good results of using traction therapy for some men withpeyronie's disease. traction therapy is a safe, non-invasive,and effective treatment option but it requires great commitment from the patients to getresults. other non-invasive peyronie's treatments include,in no particular order, shock wave therapy, iontophoresis, topical verapamil, the useof supplements, heat treatment, penis exercises, and alternative treatments, like acupuncture,reiki, reflexology, and relaxation techniques.

again, studies have shown that some may workwhile others are unlikely to. for more information about all the treatmentoptions mentioned in this video, including link to studies where available, visit will also find personal stories from my peyronie's readers, interviews with peyronie'sdoctors and a free questions and answers session with one of them.


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