penis injection

researchers in india have been and doinga trial of eight new type of birth control for men now this birth controlis reversible so it's different from the site to be uh... and what basically happens is and guys willget

penis injection

penis injection, of very questionable injection an injection it destroys their sperm and believe it or not dot projection isreversible so let me tell you more about it it's known as reversible innovationof sperm under guidance so is referring

to good because it's not and the weightof the process works as a doctor apply some local anesthetic they got makes a small cable in the basis forautumn reaches in with a pair of the reason for sent samples out the small white bast efforts to you then the doctor injects the polymer gelcalled vassal gel pushes the vast differenceback inside repeats the process for other bestefforts

puts a band and all the small call and the man is on his way now with and um... about a few hours ofthis injection a man can have unprotected sex and nothave to worry about getting the woman pregnant and if she if you decide to know whatactually do what i have kids and by the way this is affected for up to ten yearsso and in the clinical trials action outthere just trials uh... this

form of birth control was effective one hundred percent of the time thatdoesn't mean that it has no side effects it doesn't mean that it will be a factorone hundred percent of the time as in his it's out on the market but itseems like it's promising now in terms of how you can make it reversible all the guy has to do is go away i canget a different type of injection and the injection is made of water andbaking baking soda babysitter with what i mean if they havebacon is that friday night and that they

would basically reverse of the damagethat was done to despair or or it's not necessarily damagedespair dentin shall does something still whenthis for passes through the two s they get torn apart in the jill does thelasts for ten years it lasts for ten years it's kind of incredible so look ofthe questions are now aspects of this but to head off some of the link belowtheir good science uh... understand it says that they've been saying this fortwenty five years and it's a time shop that we have heard more about it ifthey've been doing it for a five year but they don't product at i've heard alittle bit about it and fortunately the

u_s_ media has been very slow incovering the story but i have read a few articles about itprior to if we come hills but not injections i've heard about theinjection uh... man and i think that it's definitely a good alternatives forpeople who don't want to have kids but don't want to go on birth control likefemales that want to go on hormones in whatever it is to prevent pregnancybecause a lot of women have a very negative reaction to birth control pillson some of this is a great alternative if they do find that it is a onehundred-percent safe and you know we can put it on the u_s_ market it'sinteresting but i uh... i didn't know

about that the procedure until you're atit like a imagine it's bad enough that they they like inject something appears but thefact that people like pull out of the tubes that everything yeah at seemsweird also question why it worked baking soda samplers read a couple of theproblem yet as much as possible it is the very idea of light and iunderstand again is like big toy state to get that but you dothat we're gonna inject something in your penis adjust dissolves stuff this for me the other stuff

and one eighth if it is all things ofthis seems a bit weird but anyway but i'mjust looking around i something like this needs to happen uh... it's not agood thing that we we only put birth control and win and you know somethingabout this post expect that they'll be the ones to takecare of and i think that this would be good that men should also have to thinkabout it anyway but the question is like are winning that trust god and sees alittle worried by a male birth control eight years ago


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