penile implants

i'm dr. tariq hakky, the director of men's health georgia in atlanta. my surgical specialty is placing penile implants, performing vasectomy reversals, and sperm aspirations. many patients find our clinic using theinternet or through traditional means by using their primary care provider. themain issue that i come across is that many insurance companies do not cover certainmedical conditions or surgeries that may

penile implants

penile implants, potentially cure them. this is bothfrustrating for the provider and the patient. since becoming a surgeo surgeon, i'veincreased my visibility by creating a new front from which patients can potentially find me. i have treated patients from as far away as costa rica andjapan. the opportunity to create a cash

based surgical option has eliminatedadministrative minutiae, avoided hidden costs, and there are no crazy billingcodes, along with quicker payment. with the transparency, this puts me in aposition to deliver quality care and puts me with other peer-credentialedphysicians. by joining surgeo, i have reframed the conversation to emphasizequality and convenience.


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