erection problems

Please answer the following questions: How many times have you avoided having sex with a woman you like, just because you are not sure if you can have an erection or premature ejaculation. Especially premature ejaculation you can use hajar hell contained in the website Attention, please. Do not ask how many times you fail to erect, I ask how many times you avoid sex at all. And how many women in your life do you decide is not topursue, because you're not sure if you can.

erection problems
erection problems, get it up. if you suffer from sexualperformance anxiety then it is probably a lot of women.. infact, millions of men self sabotage their relationship with women due toperformance anxiety and you are about to learn why. problems begin when a mantries to make a woman to like him. these

days a lot of men, on one side, try tobe like by women, and on the other side, they are afraid to lose value in theireyes. the need to be liked by a woman may notbe so obvious to a man himself it may be deeply hidden inside hisemotions. it is even possible that a guy with performance anxiety is very popularamong women. he may be enjoying a company of many beautiful women, but when itcomes to sex, his deep internal need to be liked showsup in a form of performance anxiety. in other words, he's afraid that if he failsin bed, he will lose his value in a woman's eyes.

when a man wants to be liked by a woman,he usually feels himself as possibly not good enough in general and he acts withwomen from a sense of fear. a man may try to hide many of his fears andinsecurities, but when it comes to sex you cannot hide anything, you either havesex or you don't. the fear of losing value in a woman'seyes leads to another fear. the fear of not being able to get an erection.unfortunately a lot of men give up to this fear and they do it without reallyadmitting it to themselves. if the person had an opportunity to have sex with awoman he liked, but backed off due to performance anxiety, it means that hegave up to you to his fear, he didn't

even tried to have sex. and what if thishappens with another woman and another woman and then another woman, and he isstill afraid to bring relationship to bed because he is not sure if he can getan erection. these men have a need to be liked by awoman that is so strong, that they are ready to avoid sex at all. they choose toavoid sex rather than have even the slightest risk of losing value in awoman's eyes. other men may have a mild form of performance anxiety, they do getin bed with women they date, although they lack confidence and keep worryingabout the performance. sometimes they cannot get an erection,sometimes they do get it, but lose it

before penetration. and sometimes theymanaged to get an erection and finish the intercourse but the anxiety ispresent at all times and sex becomes more of a stressful event, a test that aman needs to pass, rather than a pleasurable experience that he should belooking forward to have. performance anxiety becomes a type of emotionalslavery. just like a person who is addicted to drugs is enslaved by them same way a person with performanceanxiety enslaved by the need to be liked by a woman. just like a person who isaddicted to drugs is scared he may not be able to get another dose, same way aperson with performance anxiety is

afraid he may not be able to performwell and a woman will stop liking him. in both cases there is a certain needinside of a person that he wants to be fulfilled and a person is scared hewon't be able to fulfil it. the mistake many men make is that they try tofight performance anxiety. they ask themselves a question "what if ican't get it up?" and then they constantly think about it, they think of ways to getan erection despite of this fear, imagining in the head how they are goingto have sex, how they are going to get it up. but bydoing all that, they only increase the anxiety. it is the same as if the drugaddict would want to stop his addiction,

but instead would worry what he needs todo to get another dose of drugs. in order to really kill yourself from performanceanxiety we don't need to find an answer to "what if i can't get it up?". the problemis not in the lack of answer or in the lack of certainty, the problem is in thequestion itself. the real solution is not finding the answer, the real solution isnot asking a question. when you will have sex without such question popping up inyour mind, then you can say you are cured from performance anxiety. and thequestions will stop when you do not have a need to be liked by a woman. then youwill have sex without any stress. nothing will prevent you from getting a strongerection and sex will finally be an

enjoyable experience and not some kindof a test that you need to past. how to do all that is described in a new bookby leon miklai. it is called sexual performance anxiety: how desire to beliked is leading man towards psychological erectile dysfunction. youcan find this book on and download in minutes direct link to the book's page is alsoavailable in the description of the video


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