ed drugs

- congratulations.- thank you. - now, so you hid itfor a while. i mean, you got awaywith it for a long time. - i did. we actually were ableto hide it for--

ed drugs

ed drugs, for a very long time. i mean, it's amazing. - so we don't know-- you're not sayingwhen it's due

or anything like that. - sometime this year,i promise you. - okay.- it will be this year. - okay, and its-- you're not saying if it'sa boy or girl. - no. - do you have a name picked out? - yes.- okay. i'm gonna guess what it is--

by the end of the segment, i'm gonna guess what it is. - okay. - both i'm gonna guessthe gender and the name. - okay.- okay. - great.- are you having cravings? - yes. i mean,i'm very stereotypical. i eat sauerkraut all day long. here's the truth--

- because you're from ukraine,right? - [laughing]i guess so. this is the worst cravingto have because sauerkraut smells, and so every time you open upthe jar, it just reeksin the whole kitchen. it's not like ice cream where everything smells lovelyand floral. - well, broccoliwould be bad too.

but so do you crave picklesor just sauerkraut? - both. - do you want some? - yes. - matt, my pickleand sauerkraut man will come back, 'cause he needs to go backto the audience anyway, so... [cheers and applause] - these are great.

- yeah, take that. - oh.[laughs] - just a bowlof sauerkraut. - look at this. is this bubbies sauerkraut? - here.i'll get that napkin for you. thank you, matt. - it's bubbies sauerkraut. i've gone through all of them.

- oh, you know-- you know your sauerkraut. and you just eat it rawlike that? - yeah. - wow. - is that weird? - no, i--- how do you eat yours? - i don't, really. - it smells so bad.

- yeah, now that-- - these are great pickles. so that's mainly whatyou're craving, is those things? - yeah, so vinegar-based foodi guess is what i'm craving. - mm-hmm.- yeah. - and so that to meis leaning boy. - interesting.- yeah. that's what i'm gonna guessright now.

i'm gonna pickyour brain some more. - and is ashton helping with-- like, if you wake upin the middle of the night, will he bring you sauerkrautor-- - okay, well,i'll tell you a funny story. yes, but he kindof preempted this, he assumed that iwas gonna have goofy cravings, so he stocked our secondaryfridge with weird food. just--like, picklesand sauerkrauts

and, like, anchoviesand ice creams, just in case at one pointduring this pregnancy, i'd be like,i really want something. and it happened. last week, i was like, oh, my god,i need a pickle. like, it was justthe weirdest thing, like, i needed this pickle. and he was like,"hold on a second,"

and, like, disappearedin the backyard and came back with, like,the most amazing dill pickle of all time. - in the back--in the backyard? - yeah, we have, like,a secondary fridge. you know, like,the barbecue fridge. [laughing] no? - you have, like,a sofa on the porch too? what do you--

- [laughing]with, like, a rocking chair. - like, a back of a car seaton the front lawn or something. - no, no, i knowwhat you're talking about. that's very sweet of him. i heard he's alsolearning russian because you speak russian. so he's learning russianso he can speak to the baby in russian? - yeah, he's been taking classes

for probably, like,six months now. yeah, he does it twice a week. a woman comes to the houseand gives him lessons. - that's really sweet. - yeah, it's really,really great. - that's extra sweet. - now, whatare you thinking labor? are you going all natural? are you gonna do--

- i am.- really? - are you gonna do itat home? - we thought about it. we watcheda couple documentaries, and we looked into, like,the midwife aspect of it and things, and spoke to my ob/gyn, and realized that the hospital that i'm gonna be laboring indoes a midwife,

you know,doula type of thing. and so i'm gonna do it asall-natural as i possibly can, unless that there'san emergency or something thatshould go wrong. - but will you doan epidural even? - no.- really? - i know.i'm crazy. i mean, i did this to myself. i might as welljust do it right.

i mean... - well, first of all,you didn't... - i wanted this. it's not like--no one made me do this. - i know, but you didn't do itto yourself. i know that much. - [laughs] - i may not know a lot,but i know that much. - i did have a little help.

just a little bit. - well, you don't wantto say that either, but... [laughter] - oh, my god. - but i'm so--[laughter] you know how much i love youand ashton. individually, i really--i do, i love both of you. and i like that you don't haveto worry about hiding things. you're wearing your ring now.

- yeah, but i'll tell you what. thank you, guys.thank you. we were able to keepthis private for two months. two monthswithout anybody knowing. i think--and i'll tell you-- i think everybody assumedwe've been engaged so long that i was wearing the ringin public for two months, and no photographwas ever-- like, nobody commentedon it in a single photograph.

like, it was just not-- they decided notto just acknowledge it for two months;it was amazing. - that is amazing, because obviously both of youare targets for paparazzi a lot.


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